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Operational efficiency

Andy your talent management team focuses on only interview the candidates best qualified, achieving efficiency in times of recruitment costs and improving the area.


Interviews Unlimited

Andy has no limits in the interviews he performs for each vacancy, he has no schedules or physical limitations, Andy works 24×7, always available to any candidate.


Customizable and scalable

Andy is customized based on the need for each vacancy and region, the talented team he transferred his knowledge to Andy for the position, then Andy draws on interviews to always recommend the best candidates.


Cost reduction

Andy leaves perform the operational task and the relationship with all your candidates, your talent management team can generate new challenges and value activities, creating opportunities for your company and reduce costs.


Use of time

No more interviews of candidates not qualified for the position, not have to see all CVs to select a short list of resources, only Andy is activated and the top are selected based on the interview, CV, video, feelings or a mix of variables.

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